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Stamford Bridge

par TISEC 8 Janvier 2015, 09:18 Elèves

In our country, in France, the English football teams are more famous for being the best in their games as well as the atmosphere in the Stamford Bridge stadium. We would like to take advantage of that occasion to go and watch this match in London. What's more, everybody in the class will be pleased if we could be present for this moment that will never happen again.

Stamford Bridge, Chelsea. Source : Wikipedia.org

Stamford Bridge, Chelsea. Source : Wikipedia.org


Hello boys!<br /> I hope you are all right...I wish you a nice week...<br /> Je continue en français pour vous souhaiter du courage pour cette première semaine riche en émotions et certainement difficile à cause de la langue...<br /> A bientôt sur le blog,<br /> see you soon, <br /> D.Etienne

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