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Arrival in England and discovery of Canterbury College.

par Romain 27 Février 2015, 12:40

Arrival in England and discovery of Canterbury College.

The first day for the departure to England, we had an appointment at 5.00 a.m at the Saint-Exupery airport.
The flight lasted 1 hour 45. When we arrived at Gatwick Airport, a coach collected us and drove us to Canterbury.
My fellow students and I were very happy and excited to know that we arrived soon.
An hour later, we finally arrived at Canterbury College which receives 10.000 students every year. We took our luggage and we were received by the staff of the College for a visit of the premises.
The Canterbury College, which is a vocational school and also a university campus, is a three-floor modern building. This is a really impressive site ! The outsides are amazing. We visited the different workshops like bricklaying, car engineering, carpentry, soldering, ... but also the library which is very well-equipped with numerous computers, the school canteen, ...



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