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My work placement in England

par Yanis R. 7 Mars 2015, 12:40

The company , the staff and my mentor

It's in a little English Company directed by Mrs Keith that I did my work placement. This company named Higham Plumbing and Heanting sometimes works in homes or in professionnal buildings.The company is located in Margate in England more precisely in the north of Canterbury, and we could work in the whole Kent region. Moreover, its main activity is maintenance and repairing, yet they could also interfere to install sanitary and heating systems.This company is composed of the Boss who works to repair heating devices, of a secretary and 5 plumbers who can interfere to make sanitary and heating installations.

A Typical Day

During my training in Ramsgate I observed how the English plumbers installed boilers .They examined the drawn plan and fixed the consoles to install their boiler. After they drilled one hole to install the air duc, then they connected the air duc with the boiler. They also fixed and connected their copper tube with the tin weld. They connected electricity to the boiler to adjust and make work the thermostat.

I installed radiators, toilets and washbasins most of the time. I rarely handle devices without understanding at the same time. I observed their way of work and I found that their English tools are very different from the French ones.

Yanis Roche

My work placement in England
My work placement in England


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