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A typical day and task at my workplacement.

par Clément D. 4 Mai 2015, 14:13

a sink installation
a sink installation

During my work placement weeks, I began every day at nine o'clock in the morning. I had a break at half past eleven. Lunchtime was at half past twelve and lasted one hour. On the afternoons I only had two hours of work at the workshop. The working methods were pretty much the same. During my work placement, I didn't do a lot of different things, but I first tidied up the workshop.

I did a sink installation on a wall, with connection of every pipe and with every welds I needed for the installation. I Installed a toilet, put a discharge for sewage disposal, I also made a soldered joint to seal a leak. I installed some radiators, I cut many pipes, I used a measure tape, a bender, a blowtorch, screwdrivers and tin for the solder...

Clément D.


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